Okay, jeez. I’m dead, get over it, a few of us are here and there, it’s not like I’m going to eat your brains…

          That should not be.  The dead are for Valhalla or Hel.  Unless you were unworthy of them  b o t h .

             ”I am the Lady Sif.
             What business have you in Asgard?”

           Daughter of Thanos—
           I heard of your great deeds in Xandar.

                               Though you served the Mad Titan once,
                                          what you did that day was
                                                     h o n o r a b l e
                                           of a place in Valhalla itself.


i am one hell of a woman and you should all be fucking terrified of me

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Loki cuts Sif’s golden hair

Journey Into Mystery (2011) #648

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             Centaurian.  Sif was familiar with their race,
             though she did not have many opportunities
             in encountering their kind.  But the Asgardian
             had business in Xandar with the Nova Prime.

               She did not travel this far across space to
               entertain what seemed to be… Ravagers.

                                     ”What is it?”



           [ Oh, he knows. He totally knows ] Er— Please don’t? I’ll buy y’an ale.

           [ Damn the Dwarf.
           She can’t waste a good ale ]

                                            Very well.


                                                         Men go to ʙᴀᴛᴛʟᴇ
                                                           Women wage

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