shhh give into my charm

the length of my blade is your restraining order



He flushes from head to toe, shaking his head quickly. “No…certainly..certainly not! There’s a few hours until the end of the day!”

           ”You are surprised to see me,” the shieldmaiden takes note as she steps inside his humble home, bending her body to avoid the  c h a n d e l i e r  as she takes in the familiar sights and smells.  ”Did you think I would not come?

        “I heard it was a certain someone’s birthday.
        I hope I’m not too late.”


Bilbo with his lil’ blanket (◡‿◡✿)



/winks n flexes

/extremely turned off and judgin’



love me




                Fair enough. You have made your points and they are all of them valid. Though, I must say that as you and Thor have… [he trails off, shrugging his shoulders weakly] and I have returned, we should at least attempt to be civil with one another.

               [She stares long and hard for a moment before finally crossing her arms.]  Very well.  So  [A pause.  She’s long forgotten what an actual conversation with the trickster is like without all the sarcasm and thinly-veiled threats.] What do you do now, now that you’re not, er…  [She makes a flimsy gesture.]  … being you?


Lady Sif on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD


         He is too, a sincere person! Did you not remember a time when I boasted and paraded myself around for my achievements and conquests? Oh Sif— How I had truly been no different from him. And too, he is mortal and young, even. I believe there is potential for him to be greater than most we know…  

                [ At times, he wished she wouldn’t be so stubborn on the matter. It wasn’t as if Peter meant harm by it— He probably didn’t even call her by the right name. It was a trend of his and Thor just had to not dwell on it. But when she pulled from his touch, he frowned, his hands falling to his sides and stepping back slightly ] 


                                     Lady Gamore is a friend, Sif… A criminal I once thought, but… She fought against her captors, not siding with them. Since then, I have kept in contact to make sure if an alliance was needed, I would come to her aid— [ He squints, not sure what else Sif wanted to know ]

                [And perhaps that is why the Lady Sif failed to like him: because he reminded her so much of the Thor she knew before he became mighty, noble, and great.  She had remembered the Thor of her youth.  Arrogant and oafish, desiring praise and quick to anger.  Sif had loved him, even then, but more than his flaws, she loved the the man and god she knew he could and would be.]

                                                                     [And if he remained…  f r i e n d l y  with this Star-Lord, this Peter Quill… would he return to those ways?  No, the shieldmaiden did not doubt him, never could the lady bring herself to lose faith in her beloved Thor, but it did bring her some concern.  Why insist, no persist, to venture in such a friendship?  Certainly, she tolerated even Fandral, but at least he knew better than to incur her wrath.]

                                      [But at the thunderer’s simple explanation of the assassin and his vow to aid her, Sif looks over her shoulder at him, clearly with more words lingering on her  m i n d  than at her lips.]

                                                         [So she turns and stares expectantly—]



         [ Thor meant to look surprised, but his expression said otherwise, trying to hold back a snort from himself. Of course Peter would think that. He’d think everyone and anyone was a bed mate of his. Even Thor, he probably at one time mixed up until he realized he was a man. And that still didn’t seem to divert them of their ‘man-dates’ ] 

                   He is harmless, Sif. In fact, he is not all that bad and a great ally to us if we so chose. The Kree radicals had come forth and he along with his Guardians, managed to stop them from destroying an entire planet. Despite his… rudeness, he means well…

          —If it means anything, I would have a word with him on your behalf.


            Great deeds do not make a person great.  Do you truly think he does not lack heart or sincerity?  [The Lady Sif is ever a stubborn one.  Once she has been met with a worst character, she takes the impression to heart.  She might have respected the guardian’s valor and will for opposing Ronan the Accuser, but she feels there is much about the man that she finds she cannot hope to appreciate.]

                                                                                                  [Removing herself from her lover’s grasp, she slips from him and moves away, half-wondering if such a meeting could have been all but avoided, had Lady Sif not departed in her search for power in the first place.  But what-ifs shall not help her; what is done is done.  Still, she finds the situation ill and most annoying.]

                                                   The Lady Gamora, I’d rather talk of  h e r —
                                                   [And the less about that Star-Lord, the better.]
                                                   How did you come to know of her?