My bones are tired from all the tragedy in me.

—Peter Krause

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Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

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marvel comics meme | one issue (1/1)
sif one-shot

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♕;; — —he taunts her with a pout. ]


❝    Now I amtruly offended. You’ve talked
                      to me for no longer than a few minutes
          & I’m infuriating. My, my; my reputation proceeds me. ❞

        “Dnot mistake my insults for
      a boost to your  e g o ,  trickster.”

                        Sif walks over, a hand planted at the hilt of her sheathed blade.
She would not unsheathe it; she had orders.  For now.

                                                                                          “You still have much to
                                                                                                      a t o n e .

                                                         she’s a { ℓ α ∂ у }
                                                               and ladies
                                                 shouldn’t be messed with

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That “oh, no” doesn’t sound too good. Need a hand?

       No.  That “oh, no” was directed to you, if I did not make it clear enough.

make me choose | asked by in-my-youth-i-courted-war: sif or jane foster.

And I'll kill you.


➜  A thousand armies couldn’t keep me out }

         I  d o n ’ t  w a n t  y o u r  m o n e y

                        I  d o n ’ t  w a n t  y o u r  c r o w n

See I’ve come to burn your kingdom down }